“Men In Black” Cruise: Sometimes you just have to get away!

Medicine is stressful. Sometimes you just have to get away, right? After all those surgeries, procedures, admissions, unscheduled visits, lack of reimbursements, brutal on-call schedules, and on and on…it’s time for a break!

Enter the “Men In Black”. They are here to help you. ;)

Here is a blacked-out Audi R8 and a black Lamborghini Gallardo heading out for a cruise…luckily, no extra-terrestrial aliens were encountered during the cruise – although, it would’ve been no big deal for the Men In Black!

Tony Stark (aka “Iron Man”) was on hand as well, driving the R8…as the owner of Stark Industries, he would’ve had a few suprises up his sleeve for any aliens as well. ;-)

So…which movie did you like better? “Men In Black” or “Iron Man”?…

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