How to drain a Gallardo’s engine oil and differential fluids…and have FUN doing it!

All V10 bulls need fresh fluids from time to time. When you’re out chasing and running down those horses (i.e. Ferraris!), you gotta get rid of that old engine oil and front/rear differential fluids and clean out the system from time to time! ;)

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Here’s a black Lamborghini Gallardo undergoing an engine oil and differential fluid drainage procedure by Josh Hill, owner of Exotic Car Specialties.

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And hey, Lamborghinis are all about having fun, and this includes routine maintenance, too! Enjoy the video! :)

Can you guess how many quarts of engine oil the Gallardo was holding?…

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Thank you very much for the tutorial. I have subscribed to your YT channel, and plan on purchasing my first Lambo shortly.

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