Running with the Snakes: 13+ Vipers and 1 Lamborghini

So you’ve heard of the famous “Running of the Bulls” event in Spain, right? You know, where lots of bulls are running wild all over the place in Pamplona, Spain?… Well, this ain’t Pamplona, Spain today! This is America! The good ‘ole U.S. of A., baby! And the king of the road in America is [...]

An American, German, and Italian Musical Collaboration: V10 and V12 Heaven!

Here’s a musical collaboration for you: A mixture of pure American muscle, straightforward German performance, and some stylish Italian flair! Look, listen, and feel as this team of V10 and V12 engines sing in harmony! After all, the U.S.A. is the world’s melting pot, and this includes cars, too! Here’s the lineup: Ferrari 599 with [...]

2013 SRT Viper GTS: Calling all Toxicologists!…this Snake will Bite!

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. When it comes to venomous snakes, you’ll need to have some good anti-venom on hand…and it’s wise to have a top-notch toxicologist on hand, too. But sometimes all the toxicology expertise you can gather just ain’t gonna help you. Because there is no anti-venom for this slithery beast… Introducing [...]

Breakfast: The Most Important Meal of the Day

As any dietician will tell you, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gets you started and helps your body prepare for the tasks of the day – and let there be no doubt…doctors have a boatload of tasks every single day! And if you plan on burning off some calories (or [...]

Easter Holiday Drive: Let’s Find Some Easter Eggs!

The Easter Holidays are a time for celebrating life. All doctors know what it means to work hard. But you know what?…Life is meant to be lived! So live life to its fullest – you deserve it! And Easter is a reminder of that fact. So, what do you do when it’s a beautiful, sunny [...]

Let’s Head to the Auto Parts Store!

All car enthusiasts have to make a run to the auto parts store every once in a while, right? It’s like going to the convenience store to pick up a gallon of milk or buy that winning lottery ticket. The bigger auto parts stores are like grocery stores for your automotive needs. You can pick [...]

Is your Ferrari fast enough? If not, here’s your solution!

Ahh, Viva Italia! For the fortunate few out there (yes, we know you’re out there, cough**Dr. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon**cough), owning a Ferrari is a symbol of high achievement and ethereal success. As a well-known host from the show Top Gear once said: “I’d like to consider Ferrari as a scaled down version of God.” [...]