“Men In Black” Cruise: Sometimes you just have to get away!

Medicine is stressful. Sometimes you just have to get away, right? After all those surgeries, procedures, admissions, unscheduled visits, lack of reimbursements, brutal on-call schedules, and on and on…it’s time for a break! Enter the “Men In Black”. They are here to help you. Here is a blacked-out Audi R8 and a black Lamborghini Gallardo [...]

An Italian and German Opera: The Three Tenors (Video #100 Special!)

Many physicians enjoy the cultural arts and have an appreciation for things such as the theater, fine art, the opera, and the occasional symphony, right? If you are an opera fan, you know you have witnessed something special if you are fortunate to have heard any of the famed “Three Tenors” – namely Luciano Pavarotti, [...]