Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder with LOC Exhaust: Sweet Sounds!

Nothing sounds like a Lamborghini, right? Well, you’re partially correct. Let’s rephrase the statement… Nothing sounds like a Lamborghini with an aftermarket exhaust. Now you are correct! You see, most exotic cars come from the factory with restrictions…for a wide variety of reasons. We’re sure Lamborghini didn’t choose it to be this way – and [...]

Aston Martin Vantage (Modena Yellow) with RSC Exhaust: Agent 007′s Daily Driver?

Bond. James Bond. Also known as Agent 007. British Secret Service agent 007, that is. If you were a secret agent, what would you drive? Well, one thing we know for sure: Mr. Bond doesn’t drive just ANY car. When you’re tackling the big shots in the spy game, you need to look, dress, and [...]